$57.00 USD

Online workshop with Dr. B and Dr. Staci

A cavity isn't a hole to be filled, it's a metabolic disease that is 100% preventable!

After this course, you will...

✔ Know how to avoid a lifetime of cavities for your kids (for a family with two kids, that could be up to $10,000 from childhood to age 18)

✔ Know exactly what to ask when your kids do need dental care

✔ Know exactly what functional dentists do from conception until age 18 to prevent and heal cavities in kids

✔ Know when a cavity truly needs a filling versus when a cavity can actually be remineralized or arrested at home with lifestyle intervention

✔ Know when sealants and SDF are the right option for your child(ren)

✔ Receive handouts to help you and your family implement these new changes to be cavity-free

Your child never has to get another cavity again. Join us today!